About the site author: First name: David Last name: REDACTED

As you saw on the Homepage, the purpose of this site is to help me, the author, learn more about web design. The process of creating this site will help me understand how the web works in greater detail, along with web hosting, FTP, Javascript, Google Analytics and Google Adsense. If you would like to contact me, please send me a message via my Youtube Channel or my Google+ page. Both are linked in the "Links" page.

Technical Details

The site is being hosted by iWF Hosting on a shared server plan. This means my site exists on a server shared between multiple sites. While it can't handle huge amounts of web traffic, it is enough for my needs at the mement. Here is a link to iWF Hosting

My domain name, www.davidmtexas.com, is being hosted by NameSilo.com.

Site Creation Tools

This site was handwritten in HTML and CSS using a program called Notepad++.

A link to the download page for the program is provided in the Links page.

Future of the Site

As I learn more and more, I will continue to make small, incremental changes to the site.

please see the Future page to see a rough outline of my future plans for the site.